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About Wicked Little Reborn Dolls

About the Artist


Rayvn boasts a long history of artistic creativity and it all started the day she picked up a crayon and drew all over the toilet walls.

Since that day, Rayvn has been formally trained at art college, majoring in portraiture. 

She has won many awards for her paintings and sculptures and her dolls are consistent first and second place winners at doll shows.

Also a trained Beautician, Rayvn harnesses both her vast background in art with her makeup artistry skills to create to most disturbingly realistic reborn dolls, baby dolls that look real and other collectable dolls..

100% Quality


Only 100% the best quality materials are used in the creation of my dolls. They can take several weeks to bring to life and I take great pride in my work. 

I have a 100% customer satisfaction and pride myself in customer care.

My reborn dolls are vinyl with hand made doe suede bodies. The finest grade of glass bead is used in the limb to avoid that crunchy feeling. Larger glass beads contained in sacks are used to weight the body and head. 

The rest is stuffed with quality polyfil. All dolls are handpainted and sealed to protect the paint work. 

My Inspiration


I am heavily inspired by the the mythic and supernatural. An avid horror movie buff with a fascination for haunted dolls. 

I adore creating ghastly dolls and dressing them in adorably cute outfits - giving them a wicked little twist. 

With a massive knowledge into faerylore, I also create the most ethereal faery babies and children.

I am also an enormous fan of the LOTR and Hobbit movies. I adore fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter, followed by a great love of the The Dark Crystal.

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